Sunday, April 21, 2013


ISLAND BOUND MEDIA is launching a unique media project to address the prospect of Supertankers navigating BC's westcoast. is a website dedicated to revealing the reality of the west coast of Canada focusing on the challenges this incredible environment imposes upon Enbridge’s plans to ship millions of barrels of Alberta’s Tarsands Bitumen to China via the port of Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada.

ABOUT THIS MEDIA PROJECT This hour-long documentary will take a first-hand look at British Columbia’s central coast, its natural features, the weather, the currents, the wildlife, and the people who live there. My personal journey into this remote wilderness will focus on the coastal areas where the Enbridge Corporation is proposing to navigate hundreds of Super-Tankers loaded with millions of barrels of Bitumen from Alberta’s Tarsands for export to China. My goal is to document the challenges facing these Super-Tankers by immersing myself in this natural environment where I will create a film that conveys the reality of this incredible coast.

UNIQUE APPROACH TO MEDIA PRODUCTION This hour-long documentary will be created as a series of 'vinettes' approximately 10 minutes long. Each mini-doc will be produced independently in order to be more effective in educating the public about the coast where Enbridge plans to bring hundreds of supertankers. This media production approach will allow individual ‘vinettes’ to meet important deadlines such as the BC General Election on May 14, 2013. The momentum of each ‘vinette’ will encourage financing for the making of the next: broadening the audience through word of mouth, and providing concrete evidence of the challenges facing Enbridge’s Supertankers along this remote coast. All of these ‘vinettes’ will be edited together into a final hour-long documentary ready to reach audiences before January 2014 when the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel is estimated to reach a verdict. The public needs to support this project for it to work and reach a wide audience. Dividing the film into ‘vinettes’ will allow the project to be competed in step that are manageable, effective, and ultimately contribute toward the larger film. I need help to finance these mini-docs and have set up a website where it is easy to find out more details and donate at:

WHY SUPPORT THIS PROJECT? The Federal Government of Canada is spending millions of taxpayer dollars promoting this and other Tarsands projects. ENBRIDGE is spending $350 million on public relations campaigns to convince the public that that the Northern Gateway Pipeline will be good for Canada. Enbridge is responsible for ruptures in 804 pipelines between 1999 and 2010 creating oil spills that have released approximately 161,475 barrels (6.78 million US gallons or 25.67 million liters) of crude oil into the natural environment, including fresh drinking water sources. The Northern Gateway Pipelines Project proposed by Enbridge is arguably the number one news story in Canada. Thousands of sound bites, news clips, infomercials, tweets, front-page exposes, animations, rhetoric, and editorials have poured out from mainstream media and independents in recent years. Messages are confusing, contradictory, and relentless with their opinions. Reality is constantly distorted and the truth has become a blur! Exporting Tarsands to China is dividing Canadians.

Bottom line, oil and water don’t mix!